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Service PromiseRespect and understand customers, provide products and services exceeding customers’ expectation continuously, and be customers’ eternal friends, which are our service philosophy insisted and advocated all the time.
I. We consider firstly that customers’ consumption idea has changed when customers have changed from sellers' market to buyer’s market in the enterprise. In face of numerous products (or services), consumption idea of consumers has changed. In face of numerous products (or services), consumers would like to accept products (or services) with good quality. Quality here indicates not only products’ inherent quality but also products’ packaging quality and service quality. Therefore, we must meet customers’ demands completely to the largest extent. ◇ Research, design, and improve services in shoes of customers (or consumers) rather than the company.
Perfect service system, strengthen pre-sale, on-purchase, and after-sale services, and assist in solving various problems appeared in using products, so that customers may feel convenience.
Pay high attention to customers’ ideas, let customer join in decision, regard treating customers’ ideas as an important link for letting customers’ satisfactory.
Build customer-centered mechanism. Establishment of organization and reform of service flow shall be centered with customer demands, to build quick reaction mechanism for customers’ ideas.
II. Customers are right forever
Customers are buyers of products rather than trouble makers;
Customers know about their demands and hobbies most, which are just information to be gathered by enterprise;
Customers have “natural consistency”, so that quarreling with a customer indicates quarreling with all customers.
III. Three elements for customer satisfaction:
Satisfaction on products: customers are satisfied with product quality.
Satisfaction on service: customers affirm pre-sale, on-purchase, and after-sale services on purchased products. No matter how perfect products are and reasonable price is, but when they are in the market, they must rely on services. “After-sale services manufacture forever customers”.
Satisfaction on corporate image: affirm evaluation of social public on enterprise comprehensive strength and general impression.

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