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Luoyang Volfone Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd

Core values:        Driving continuous improvement with passion and innovation.

Design concept:  Quality wins the market; Details determin success

Service creates values; Network winning terminal.

Market as center
Enterprises are built up because of market demand; there will be no living space for an enterprise if there is no market demand, so that all activities of an enterprise should be centered at the market;
Whether being beneficial to market operation should be taken as the criterion to judge the framework, system and process of an enterprise, and meeting market or customer demands should be prioritized when there is contradiction or conflict during work.
Specific measures should be taken to prioritize meeting market demands and should be made in advance as far as possible. There may be special terms but too many special terms mean that the original setting does not really center on the market, which will bring about management chaos and will bring about survival crisis for the enterprise from the other aspect.
Simpleness, quantization and clear responsibility and right
To achieve management work which is high-efficient, low-cost, easy to memorize and easy to implement, the only way is simpleness. It is the standard to judge whether a system or process is effective.
Work and authority that can be quantized must be known to lower levels with quantized index to obtain operability and facilitate assessment. No quantization is equal to indulging, which will not lead to effective operation, supervision and evaluation.
The function, responsibility, obligation and rights corresponding to each post should be known in clear written form, explained to the specific person and told to related personnel. Only in this way can the executor effectively and efficiently perform his duty.
Honesty, Reciprocity, Perspective Taking
One should be honest to the other between departments, colleagues, the upper level and the lower level, and cooperative partners and customers. We can only obtain mutual trust through honesty and petty shrewdness will not result in long-lasting friendship and cooperation.
The best effect of working together or cooperation is win-win situation. If only one side wins or the interest distribution is unfair, the other side will feel unbalanced and there will be sequela. Then it will be difficult for the two parties to continue cooperation or working together, and the two parties will not feel happy when staying together.
How to make the other side feel fair and easy to accept? The best way is perspective taking. Honesty, reciprocity and respective taking are not only criterion for getting along with each other, but also a way of behaving or thinking. They need to be forged and formed into habit by us with long-time efforts.

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