Haikou standard electric cars today a ban on the road People busy for cancellation and registration

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People's Windows in hainan haikou, July 1 (xinhua JiYu) on July 1, haikou is allowed before the all levels electric bicycle on the road, at that time, haikou city public security bureau traffic police detachment will be in accordance with the provisions of the (way) related to investigate excessive electric bicycle. On June 30, in the afternoon, hundreds of people in haikou century park for overweight electric bicycle cancelled and new car registration business.
According to haikou city traffic police department, the city's yellow card standard electric bicycle riders in June 30, 2014 can dispose of their own vehicles: one is handled in a timely manner to the standard electric bicycle cancellation site go through the formalities for cancellation certificate; 2 it is replacement qualified electric bikes or vehicles to overweight electric bicycle to scrap recycling scrap. According to the measures for the administration of haikou city electric bicycle article 40 of the first paragraph, the expiration of temporary access licenses electric bike on road, 1000 yuan.
July 1, will be forced to cancel all temporary license information, no active cancel the citizens of provisional licence once ChaoBiaoChe illegal driving, the traffic police will not be able to query to ChaoBiaoChe any information. At the appointed time, the traffic police will with "temporary license expiration of excessive electric bicycle on road", and fined 1000 yuan.

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