How to keep your vehicle battery for long-life? Number of visits: Date:2016-06-17 17:15:45
There are few steps from the for maintenance the battery:
1.  Away from high-temperature from the heat source and must be under 37 degree celsius from sun.
2.  Insist on charging with the charger of the original manufacturing of the company.
3.  Don’t make short circuit in the interface of the battery.
4.  Make sure the positive and negative side get correct connection.
5.  When charging, put the vehicle indoor, and make sure the place is ventilated, easy for cooling and away from the touch of children,and avoid in charging in wet,hot, or some places that has gas because are easy to burn or explode.
6.  To keep the batteries long life, please charging the batteries regularly even if you don’t drive, when the electrolyte surface is lower than the minimum line, you should add the distilled water above the fixed surface.

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