The new way to define the Agriculture for PEST control

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Fast, Efficiency, Flexible, Energy Saving
VFKR Orchard sprayer is a dedicated orchard pest control spray equipment, easy to use, Practical, the best advantage is save time, save money, save at least 1/3 pesticide usage more than traditional manual sprayer way.
Usage: Agricultural, Orchard, Gardens, School, Hospital, Farmland
Feature: Multipurpose
1. Simply by pulling the lever at the front to control the direction to move, 2  forward and 1 reverse.
2. Only need 1 person, adjustable speed, adjustable sprayer.
3. Agricultural, Orchard, Gardens, School, Hospital, Farmland and so on.
4. Wind power sprayer technology,
5. The discharged air can make powerful secondary droplet atomization, the leaves can repeatedly turning by airflow, means the leaves can be positive and negative adsorption of pesticides and pesticide can be blown into the canopy inside, Comprehensive coverage.
Diffusion fan spray rate was just walking in the orchard, the leaves left, right and above can be totally cover the pesticide.
6. Spraying from the spray direction is up, the first contact with the surface of leaf liquid pesticides, better than conventional spray equipment effects, especially the back of the pest can kill all the leaves.
7. Saving the provincial drug, The best fertilization effect for fruit trees is “wet without flowing” mean both positive and negative of leaves can be cover the fertilization completely. Self-propelled breeze fight drugs atomization uniform, diffuse good droplet uniformly adhered to the surface of the leaves, so as to achieve optimum fertilization effect
8. High quality engine, pump, tires and pesticide liquid container and anti-drip nozzle technical quality. Long service life, Less Maintenance cost.


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