China motorcycle turns into a "made in Italy" resale in Africa

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Pakistan: motorcycle helmet many are imported from China
Pakistani purchaser Muzzafar engaged in motorcycle riding business suits, helmets, gloves, etc. Muzzafar to Hugo said: "Pakistan's relatively backward infrastructure, electricity, oil prices high, thus seriously inhibit the development of manufacturing industry. However, Pakistan are hard working, though poor, but our manufacturing industry is still in progress."
"Pakistan needs to import many goods, I'm engaged in the sector, helmet most import, as for the cycling jerseys, motorcycle boots and other products, Pakistan itself also has production. Especially the boots and gloves, we use real leather production, quality is very good, and even exports. But in terms of helmet production, we are far behind China, so we need to import from China." Muzzafar added, "Pakistan has more advantage of industry, garment and textile, etc. In addition, football, basketball and sports gear and other sporting goods also has the advantage, are exported to foreign countries every year."
Muzzafar company some time ago to Shanghai a exhibition, exhibitors have a booth in the exhibition. "Shanghai fair this time, we did not have many customers, passenger flow far inferior to the Canton fair. The fair is the world's largest comprehensive exhibition, a great influence in the global scope. Other exhibition, exhibition of Frankfurt, such as Europe, showing signs of decline, it has become more like a regional exhibition." He said.
At the scene, and a Pakistani purchaser of muhammad, bashan (ZEESHAN). He has engaged in motorcycle accessories business.
Mohammed said to Hugo network, not a lot of people can afford to buy a car in Pakistan. Ordinary people the most favored by motor vehicle is a motorcycle. Pakistan's main motorcycle market dominated by Japan, China and other countries of the manufacturers. China's motorcycle accessories market share of around 70% (PS: individual estimates).
Mohammed's uncle used to come to China procurement, to know a lot about the performance of China, this time specifically brought him to attend the Canton fair. Mohammed before coming to China, mainly through alibaba B2B platform to purchase Chinese goods such as network, this come to the Canton fair is to negotiate with customers in person, and see if there are new products on the market.
China motorcycle turns into a "made in Italy" resale in Africa
Italian motorcycle buyers Mario's trip to buy diesel motorcycle engine. Mario to Hugo said, will the Chinese motorcycle imports to Italy, and labeled "made in Italy" label, and then turn to export to Africa.
"African merchants from Italy imported motorcycles from year to year, but the original Italian motorcycles is too expensive, the average African customer can't afford to consumption, so the price is cheap, quality also not bad Chinese motorcycle become preferred." He said.
When asked why only choose and exclusive motorcycle gasoline engine, diesel engine motorcycle Mario, explained the motorcycle's ultimate destination is Africa, and Africa much dust, diesel engines to dust "resistance".
Mario said that Italy is motorcycle manufacturing power and motorcycle consumption power, especially motorcycle import and export power. Italy customer motorcycle "taste" diversity, some people like to local brand, some people like Harley in the United States. In terms of imports, the characteristics of the Japanese motorcycle with deft, environmental protection is the welcome of people.

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